Update to Visual Studio 2019 PRO

by | May 14, 2021 | Programming | 0 comments

Today we have left the fantastic and perfect Visual Studio 2010 PRO with which we have written all the MyShop code so far to change to the new 2019 PRO. Some unsuccessful attempts had been made in the past, with 2015 and 2017, perhaps the reason was the lack of desire to give up a code writing program that has become so familiar …
But 2019 amazed me. After making a copy, I opened this without problems, with a bit of fear I started the compilation and .. no errors, I start the executable, and here is MyShop in Visual Studio 2019 version. Yesss

But it was too good. After a few minutes, errors from libraries not loaded appear, especially the cash register libraries such as Olivetti and others. It took a few hours in which a sense of continuous vertigo reigned also due to the adaptation of the new interface with many additional controls and programming aids.

In the end, however, everything fell into place, and here we are up-to-date and perfectly ready to produce code that our customers will like as always.


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