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For more than twenty years, many shops have relied on MyShop to manage their warehouse, purchases, sales, customers … so as to gain control of their business.
MyShop synchronizes the physical store with the e-commerce. Instantly!
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MyShop is very easy to learn and use. Import the Products from an excel file or from electronic invoices, check the prices and … you are online.

We know what you need in the store

We have had the honor of making use of competent and dedicated people, who have allowed the MyShop project to exist and help hundreds of customers in easily managing their store, their warehouse. programmers, technicians, administrators, salesmen, collaborators, mentors and so on: all passionate about information technology dedicated to product management.
The result is MyShop:

Warehouse always updated

All incoming, outgoing and online transactions are tracked

Loyal Customers

Fidelity, Gift-card, offerte speciali personalizzate per gruppi o per negozi.


Very accurate and personalized statistical check, including “How’s it going” function


Inventory prints, sold sell-n-outs, labels and displays


Management of documents of all kinds, invoices, warehouse notes, etc. including Electronic Invoicing


Real-time synchronization with your physical warehouses and online stores such as amazon and ebay


Both simplified and advanced counter sales with receipt issue on the most popular registrars


Training and assistance on procedures, needs analysis and IT consultancy

We improve MyShop for you every day

MyShop grows every day: new customer needs, updated fiscal and management procedures, the increase in functional needs … all are evaluated, programmed and promptly entered in MyShop.
The world change, and MyShop is behind it, often anticipating it.

E-commerce with MyShop is very easy

A good management software that takes care of the Products, the Warehouse and synchronism in real time allows you to maintain the e-commerce site easily and effectively, avoiding harmful over-bookings.

With a simple click you can publish and synchronize your products, update prices and offers, receive and invoice customer orders.


Many Customers are already connected to their e-commerce sites, to the Amazon and Ebay store.

You can have a site using the widespread Prestashop, or highly technical made in NopCommerce.
You can only send the product barcode to Amazon, and if this is known, updated stocks are enough to sell your catalog on the most important e-commerce platform in the world.

Who uses MyShop

The dynamic structure with which MyShop manages the Products makes it so versatile that it seems like a specialized program of the sector. Specifications, Attributes and Description of the products are all configurable individually for each type of Product, whether it is a book, a t-shirt, a watch, a computer, a packet of flour, a bouquet of roses, a food supplement, a spare. , a maintenance service … and so on, thus when the product is published on the e-commerce site, it has its own specifications, attributes, characteristics and information.

types of shops

  • Emporium, Bricco, Haberdashery
  • Size Color, Sport, Luggage
  • Food, Hospitality, Herbalist
  • Jewelery, Bookstores, Newsagents
  • Spare parts, Technology, Services
  • Retail, Wholesale


Products, Categories, Brands, Customers, Suppliers, Sales, Documents, Prints, Inventories, Warehouse, BOM, Primanota, Discounts, Fidelity, Forecasts, Labels, E-commerce, Statistics, Imports, Exports … everything you need.


Years of planning and programming have periodically generated versions of MyShop suited to the times. Even today, for over twenty years, many have been using the first versions with full satisfaction.


We aspire to success by giving you a tool to achieve yours. Correctly manage products, shop, sales, orders: control generates success.

“Until about a year ago or a little more I thought that such a project could not be feasible, I bought on the internet but I never believed I could be up to such a program. Then I met MyShop, the complete synchronization system of shops and their complete and available assistance … now I know that it is possible and I also sell on the internet.”

Lettizia Terrosu

Founder & CEO, Terrosu

“I have been using the program for many years, it is very simple and extremely useful, indeed, indispensable. it allows the control of both the publishing and all the stationery, the inventory is printed with a click and all the stocks can be checked and corrected with the terminal. it really is such a versatile work tool that I wouldn’t know what the library would be like without it”


Founder, Centrolibri

“I was already selling on the internet and had a management program. With the old management system it happened that products disappeared from the warehouse and the synchronization was not fast. This program, on the other hand, is flawless! I have a shop on two floors with 4 workstations; they are synchronized in real time and perfectly. The Assistance Area is always available to help me to resolve any difficulties. I am very satisfied with this project and I am already recommending it to various people.”

Francesco Pretti

Head of Design, Sabendita

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